Sunday, December 13, 2009


There are about a dozen age restricted communities in Las Vegas and Henderson.  These would include condos, townhouses and single family homes.  Most of the townhouses and single homes are one story, ranch style.  The majority of homes are two bedroom, two bath, two car garage.  There are some that also have a den.

The requirement to buy in these neighborhoods is that one occupant of the home must be 55 or older. The Buyer does not have to be over 55 as long as this requirement is met.

Some of these places are gated, some not. There is usually at least one pool. Some have indoor and outdoor pools. There is also usually a fitness center, social hall (club house). There are several with 18 hole golf courses. The golf courses are public and that means that the homeowners do not have the sole support of the golf course.  In some, there is also a restaurant and bar. Tennis courts are included in most.

There is a monthly homeowner's association fee and this varies from community to community. Guests are no problem, even grandchildren, as long as they are supervised and it is truly a "visit". Pets are most welcome.  All of these neigborhoods have rules and regulations which would be provided to you for you to accept or reject before you purchase.

I will profile some of the active adult communities with more specific informations on each one. In the meantime, please contact me for any additional information.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I want to use this space to introduce you to just how great living in Las Vegas can be. There are so many things I want to cover and I'll try to hit all of the points that will familiarize you with The Las Vegas Valley as a retirement destination. I will ask that you send me your questions or ask me to elaborate on certain information I provide. I think this will be informative and fun for all of us.
Let's start with weather. How about today - beautiful, crisp fall day with lots of blue skies and sunshine. The temperature this morning is 62 degrees with humidity of 18%. This is a pretty typical day for this time of year. Las Vegas temperatures can vary 20-25 degrees in a day year round.
Las Vegas is lovely and warm during the Spring and Fall and...OK...really hot in July and August. Winters can be quite cool but still warmer than lots of US cities.
We don't get much rain but in the first three months of the year we do have some rain. Again in July and August we can have rain and thunderstorms.
All in all, really a wonderful climate that gives you freedom from weather concerns. 702.461.1969

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We talked a little of where you can live in Las Vegas. I thought you might like to know what a typical home might be like.

Most homes in Las Vegas are built on a concrete slab. Basements are very rare. The construction is frame and stucco with tile or tile-like roofs. Insulation is usually blown cellulose. Almost all homes have dual-pane windows and the newer homes have Low-e dual pane windows with vinyl frames. Central air conditioning system (electric), ground mounted, gas furnace, gas water heater. There would likely be an irrigation system in place for exterior landscaping. Most homes have an attached garage, with entry into the house from the garage and an automatic door opener.

Kitchens would usually include a gas range & oven, dishwasher and disposal. It would be plumbed for an ice maker for your refrigerator. The laundry is usually set-up for a gas dryer & electric hook-up for the washer.

Privacy walls are very common in Las Vegas. This would be a block wall around the back and sides of your lot. Outside access would be thru a gate on one side. Access from inside would usually be a sliding glass door leading to the yard and might include a covered patio area.

Energy efficiency is a really important consideration in this climate and Builders construct with that in mind. Look for my next post - Active Adult Communities. 702.461.1969